Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, as it would turn out, the more I study sailing the more I feel like I have to do it. I think it is one of the things that I'm supposed to do. Like playing the violin. However, in order to accomplish that goal I need to work on some serious stepping stones. As I am a poor lad, I have to go forward to go back. I can't simply get a boat, take some courses and take off on an adventure. There is working, planning and growing to do. I still need to get my education underway. I have been planning on joining the military for years now, and it seems like the time has grown very close to when I actually will enter "The Ranks". So... Air Force for 22 years or so and I'll be able to retire securely with a boat, my fiddle and lovely wife. Don't worry Sara, I'm not going to be a dead-beat phlebotomist for the rest of my life.

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