Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking forward to changes

I have been studying knots, boat building, rope, sail making, oar making, fishing, on and on and on. I don't know where the obsession comes from. It could be because the sea represents freedom to me and now that I'm moving into a new stage of life I feel the need to maintain some sort of freedom. My son will be born any day now. My amazing wife is at wits end as her body is being so cruel in this, the home stretch. While trying to read the mixed signals of Sara's body we are in the middle of moving and trying to balance my jobs. Schedule, money and muscles are all pretty tight and time is flying by. With the passage of time has come the changing of the seasons. However, it seems almost as though we're going to skip autumn. Like this year could only afford three seasons thanks to the recession and all; spring, summer....winter. It got cold too fast. I hope it warms a little before the snows come. I'm glad we've had better rain this year as the trees have such striking colors. Last year it seemed to go from green to brown as it was so dry. I look forward to the changing trees all year. My upcoming goals are to find an alternative to bike riding this winter as it will be too dangerous to ride on ice, complete application for financial aid for spring 2010, get new tags for the car, welcome my son into the world work on memorization and select good cuttings for hardwood tree propagation. Phew! Oh yes... and get ready for the holidays.

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