Sunday, October 18, 2009

I think I'm starting to like Lilly

Lilly is a nearly three year old pug. She doesn't do much in her down time, but when she comes to life she really lives. She has changed my life. To begin with, the Pug is a companionship breed. What this really means is that a pug will become depressed and sickly unless it is receiving constant positive attention and praise. Lilly was one of my great bargaining products. She was originally worth $500! I talked the breeder down to $125. Her parents are both winners and are a part of the North American Who's Who of Pugs ( I made that up...the fact is they were prized breeders that people from around the country request puppies from.). We could have purchased the proof of her strong bloodline, but Sara and I wanted a friend, not a document.

Who could have known that the talking down of her monetary value would set a difficult standard for the better part of her life now. She has nearly died 3-4 times. I have been directly responsible for none of those times. Indirectly...twice. She had an allergic reaction to a flea medication I treated her with after a bath. The skin fell off her back and her temperature rose to a nearly fatal point. I don't know how many people can say they have packed a pug on ice in order to make sure it didn't boil itself on the way to the vet E.R. I can. Another time she ate a Special Dark candy bar I got for Sara as a gift. About 5 oz. Enough to kill a dog. I got a call from Sara while I was at work. She stated in a nearly inaudible manner that Lilly was dieing, that I needed to come home and save her. I got to the house made a salt and water slurry and forced it down her (Lilly's) throat with a syringe and flexible tubing. She emptied the contents of her stomach onto the bathroom floor. She's about 15 pounds now. I'm going to try and illustrate what this animal did to herself. This is the math as I see it: 16 oz=1 lb (15 lb*16 oz.)= 240 oz. 5 oz. of 240 oz. is 0.021 or 2.1%. I weigh about 155 lbs. 2.1% of 155 lbs is 3.255 lbs! Can you imagine cramming 3 1/4 pounds of Special Dark chocolate down your gullet and then being forced to spew it all up with no understanding of what was going on? Lilly has done the equivalent and loves me in spite of what I did to her to save her life.

Well, after all of the things we have done and been through together, of which I have only recorded a very small part due to time, space and attention span constraints, Lilly and I have grown quite close. She is predictable and honest. She is a loyal companion. She wants us to be pleased with her and really tries to make us proud. She hiked all over the Oregon and Washington coasts for miles like a pro across terrible terrain and through all sorts of weather. She has gone on countless nature walks, bike rides and road trips. She is an accomplished swimmer (not many pugs get very far before they simply begin to sink) lawn mower attacker, broom avoid-er and anywhere-anytime sleeper. Lilly is, simply put...Fun!

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